Free DeFi Tutorial

Discover the internet-based capital markets that emerging economies in Africa, Asia, and South America are choosing over Wall Street

I’ve designed this free video tutorial so you can discover the markets crypto-native investors are using to safely access yield-bearing products.

These products protect cash from inflation, are new high growth investments, and are a backstop for financial security.

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Private institutions are already entering decentralized finance, it is now just the North American and European retail public that continue to stay with stock and crypto exchanges found on mobile device apps.

In this free DeFi tutorial, you’ll see:

Which DeFi tools are simple and safe to use

Why non-volatile products exist that pay 10%+ yield on cash

The legal and regulatory status of this market and its products

The simple principles for smart plays in DeFi

How to move DeFi gains to your dollar/euro bank account.

This tutorial will give you what you need to enter Decentralized Finance safely and begin exploring this 21st century alternative investment market

Meet the designer

Frank Hepworth, J.D.

Frank is a regulatory lawyer that consults some of the most engaging engineers building within Decentralized Finance. Beginning his legal career at Canada’s top financial regulatory law firm and as the youngest member of its Digital Assets Group, he now is a policy consultant for crypto-trading platforms, DeFi protocol developers, professional asset managers and others. Frank has been in DeFi since 2017 and now (2022) credits a large portion of his income to passively earned yield from DeFi markets - markets sometimes worked on by his own clients.

Frank is also:

  • external counsel to a US-based crypto-asset marketplace (SEC registration in process)
  • adviser to a decentralized exchange built on a major layer-1 blockchain
  • regulatory counsel to a leading crypto-asset law firm
  • adviser to multiple crypto-asset issuers for multi-million dollar capital raises

Americans view inflation as “the top problem facing the country today” - Here’s a solution

A 2022 study by the Pew Research Center put “Inflation as the biggest concern in America”, ahead of Affordability of Healthcare and Violent Crime.

Further, Statista’s Global Consumer Survey finds U.S. adults now think that “Inflation is the nation’s most pressing issue”, ahead of Immigration and Social Security.

Critically, the impact of war on commodity prices, currency valuations and the Eurozone banking system has raised financial infrastructure concerns.

The good news is that many excellent computer engineers are building alternative financial infrastructures that you can access. Watch my free DeFi tutorial so you can discover this new market and the benefits of its evolving financial products.

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