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Welcome to Yieldschool

Yieldschool is a private membership that onboards individuals and private corporations into Decentralized Finance.

Yieldschool Members receive continually updating solutions that protect and grow cash holdings faster than both devaluation caused by inflation and expected returns in the stock market.

Options presented to Yieldschool Members will beat any comparable opportunity existing in traditional finance.

Engineers, lawyers and professional traders active in Decentralized Finance are helping design the flagship Yieldschool Program and its curated content

Emerging economies are choosing Decentralized Finance over WallStreet and will continue to do so.

Meet Frank Hepworth

I’ve started Yieldschool because I’m watching Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds already start utilizing decentralized finance, and yet there is a complete lack of uptake by North American and European retail investors – like my friends and family.

Formerly an associate at Canada’s top financial regulatory law firm, I now specialize in crypto-asset regulatory consulting. I advise some of the most engaging engineers building in decentralized finance, and I credit the markets they are creating with much of my passive income.

The returns in DeFi speak for themselves – a return of +15% when those in legacy finance lose 5-10% to inflation is an effective 25% return against your peers.

Yieldschool delivers on the other component – reliable and safe instruction so Yieldschool Members can go from bank account, to DeFi, and back to your bank account.

Yieldschool onboards users into decentralized finance with the newly emergent industry-standard practices. The Yieldschool mandate is to be truthful and objective in all analysis, instruction and content.

The Yieldschool Program

The flagship product Yieldschool Members access first, the Yieldschool Program takes the members from zero experience in Decentralized Finance from set-up basics to deployment in high-yield cash markets.

The front focus of the program is on practical know-how: how to make transactions, how to explore high-yield options, and how to get money to the bank account.

The back focus is on the economics, rationale and regulatory status of decentralized financial markets. The Yieldschool program is being designed by lawyers, engineers and traders of decentralized finance for this purpose.

Heavy discount for pre-sales

Yieldschool is currently in beta and the Yieldschool Program has had strong preliminary feedback.

Yieldschool is currently onboarding more Yieldschool Program beta users.

The post-beta release of the Yieldschool Program is scheduled for January 1, 2023, at which time Yieldschool Membership will increase to $1,199.00.

Membership pre-sales are open for a limited time, priced at $399.00.

Yieldschool reserves the right to end membership pre-sales after membership quota has been met.