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Welcome To The Next Investment Market.

There are 5 Parts to this Private Showcase…

  1. Go through each Part to receive a scope of the profit-earning activities YSL Members conduct in decentralized markets.
  2. See the “Materials” section above for an instructional document that gets you access to the Yieldschool Discord group.
  3. While watching the video in each Part, consider pausing the video to read the PowerPoint slide, then playing the video again to listen to Frank and his dialogue.
  4. After reading the disclaimer below, continue to the “Course Content” section below and select Part I.

This Passive Private Showcase is for information. Whether you should enter decentralized markets yourself depends on your skill and knowledge, which takes time to build up. The Yieldschool Membership service helps with this process and expedites your learning and provides real-time support to its Members. Without the skill and knowledge, you could make a mistake and lose your funds entirely. Operating in this space is without safeguards. You are solely responsible for your decisions, and your uneducated decisions could result in immediate and complete loss of funds. There is no way to ‘reverse’ an incorrect transaction. There is both tremendous opportunity and responsibility in decentralized markets. If you irresponsibly enter without help or preparation, the consequences can be fast and severe. This is why Yieldschool exists – to help investors with their responsibility to pursue the opportunities with preparation. Should you decide to attempt transactions in this space, you are solely responsible for the consequences of those attempted transactions.