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"Since 2000, NASDAQ has delivered an inflation-adjusted return of just 1%."

- Baron's, Dow Jones

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YSL Members invest in passive 20%+ opportunities instead.

  • What if… you could make these returns despite stagnant markets?
  • What if… you could secure these returns despite bank runs and United States dollar weakness?
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But, why do decentralized markets pay better?


Because decentralized markets are unrestricted and global investment markets.

See more below.

Frank Hepworth, J.D.

Content Lead

Frank Hepworth, J.D. explains
how decentralized markets

pay 3X more...

Chainalysis Report

Emerging Economies Dominate the Decentralized Market Adoption Index.


Don’t Risk Ignoring the Growth Market of the Next Decade.

These markets are for investors who…

  1. Don’t do active stock trading or “technical analysis”. Decentralized markets have many set-and-forget passive income products.
  2. Aren’t liking the outlook of the S&P500, and think real estate is potentially in a bubble. All markets are connected, but the 3-year existence of decentralized markets and its rapid adoption makes it a significant outlier.
  3. Are concerned about inflation and whether their portfolio is delivering enough returns. With inflation at 8%, you need higher returns.
  4. Know that these accessible markets will be adopted by the high-growth regions of Africa and Asia. And want to financially benefit from that growth.
  5. Are not coders or developers. Decentralized markets are being built by thousands of computer engineers who want everyone to participate. No coding, just point-and-click.

If the above is you to any degree, then this NEW product is for YOU.

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Why Do Decentralized Markets Pay So Well?


Emerging economies make decentralized markets the most dynamic on the planet.

This means:

  • A decentralized market investor will always be ahead of the traditional market investor.
  • A decentralized market investor is always accessing opportunities the traditional market investor is not.

"Give Me Proof."

If these opportunities are hard to believe, we understand.

As proof, we have extracted a highlight of what a YSL Member does in these markets.

For just $47, you can access the YSL Passive 30% on $30,000 Private Showcase.

This Private Showcase shows you how YSL Members make 30% on $30,000.


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This is the no-risk way for you to see if decentralized markets are anything new, or just another trend.

YSL’s Passive 30% on $30,000 PRIVATE SHOWCASE includes...

Curious about YSL Membership?

YSL Membership

The YSL Level-Up

YSL Members receive a premium investment service.

Exclusive training, products and information to profit from this market’s growth over the next 10+ years.

Please Note: Individuals may only receive an invite to join the membership via existing YSL Members.

Please contact membersupport@yieldschool.com if you wish to contact an existing YSL Member.

YSL Membership

  • Daily + Weekly Analysis and Reports with a Passive Income + Active Income focus.
  • Weekly calls with Frank and the professional YSL Team covering asset listings, tutorials, and more.
  • LIVE, in-the-market sessions with Frank and the professional YSL Team.
  • 24/7 accessible video instruction, materials and systems,
  • 24/7 support from the professional YSL Team, and the Four Foundational Quadrants of the Yieldschool PROGRAM:

Quadrant 1

History, Legal Status, Privacy, & Security

YSL Members understand that we’re entering a new paradigm of investing and finance.

  • Covering (in detail) post-2018 developments for the full legal and economic scope of decentralized markets.
  • Establishing the privacy-preserving financial tooling directly within your computer and phone.
  • “From never having any exposure, a month later I am making investments with risks that I can tolerate and getting outstanding yields.” – Bert L, YSL Member
  • Securing this tooling as the homebase your assets and income reside within.

Quadrant 2

Asset Types, 20%+ Passive Income, Mechanics & Risks

When you move from traditional market investing to decentralized market investing, new opportunities become available to you.

  • Learning the spectrum of assets used in decentralized markets.
  • Browsing the market for passive income openings.
  • Deploying cash into opportunities to earn passive income.
  • Understanding the 5 types of passive yield in decentralized markets.
  • “I will easily be able to ROI the membership now. Likely life-changing.” – Jon G., YSL Member
  • Moving the income to your bank account.
  • Knowing how to minimize and even avoid risk entirely.

Quadrant 3

Active Investing: Assets That Gain 300%+ in 1 Year

YSL Members interact with investments that phone-app investors and clients of bank advisors NEVER see.

  • Crossing into a market flooded with equity-like assets issued by future-oriented start-ups.
  • Sourcing the ‘cream of the crop’ and taking small positions for future big returns.
  • “My first DeFi asset had a positive return of 189.06% during Bank collapses. That says something.” – Oplé, YSL Member
  • Watching breakdowns of previous 2X, 5X, 10X investments by YSL Members.
  • Managing your passive and active portfolio and moving profits for real world purchases.

Quadrant 4

Advanced Security, Advanced Investments, Advanced Mentality.

This is updated often. Decentralized markets are the purest capital markets on the planet.

Opportunities multiply each month, and we distill the best for YSL Members.

  • As your portfolio grows, take your privacy and security next level.
  • Professionals and new market entrants are building new financial products for us.
  • With so much option, calibrate your expectations over a 5-year window to meet financial goals.
  • “I’m up 70% – pretty awesome.” – Toffifee, YSL Member
  • Become a productive and valued YSL Member through Active Membership.


Active Membership

  • Daily analysis on new assets and passive income plays.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Instructional videos and updates.
  • Community-sourced investments.
  • Weekly team calls for multiple time zones.
  • “Thank you YSL for the awesome profit.” -Elequant, YSL Member
  • Well-funded individuals working together to make higher returns.

Please Note: Individuals may only receive an invite to join the membership via existing YSL Members.

Please contact membersupport@yieldschool.com if you wish to contact an existing YSL Member.

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See for yourself at no risk if this all just a trend, or the landscape for the next 50+ years of investing.

YSL’s Passive 30% on $30,000 PRIVATE SHOWCASE includes...


These Markets BEAT Inflation + Secure Against Systemic Risks

A 2023 study by the Pew Research Center put “Inflation as the biggest concern in America”, ahead of Affordability of Healthcare and Violent Crime.

And critically, the impact of war on commodity prices, currency valuations, and the Eurozone banking system has raised financial infrastructure concerns.

YSL Members make 20%+ passively and use decentralized markets as a back-up financial infrastructure for their wealth.


Insight into Actual Decentralized Markets

What does a three-year-old technological investment class actually look like?

A Passive 30% Investment You Can Copy

It doesn’t matter if you have $30
or $300,000

Balanced Information From an Industry Professional

See why this is the most important development in an era of financial instability.

Financials That Show Current and Future Returns

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YSL Members pay for premium service in decentralized markets.

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How to make 20%+ in passive income in decentralized markets.

That’s 3X the 7% you’re told to expect in traditional markets.

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This is the YSL Passive 30% on $30,000 PRIVATE SHOWCASE.

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YSL’s Passive 30% on $30,000 PRIVATE SHOWCASE includes...