Get The DeFi



Report of Q2 2023

Get instant access to the simple passive income opportunities our team is utilizing in the market right now.

Get The DeFi



Report of Q2 2023

Get instant access to the simple passive income opportunities our team is utilizing in the market right now.


Skip the Risky Middleman.
Become a Profitable Investor in DeFi Markets in Just 4 Weeks.

The Yieldschool Program combines LIVE online sessions, proprietary materials and practical examples.

Start from DeFi basics and finish in markets paying returns superior to traditional finance.

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NASDAQ is -33% YTD;
DeFi is the Alternative Market

Yieldschool’s thesis

  • What if… this alternative market had products you’ve never seen before?
  • What if… these products paid 20% passive income?
  • What if… these assets could 10X in value in a year?
  • And what if… you didn’t have to make mistakes and spend hundreds of hours figuring out how to access and succeed in this market?

Yieldschool takes its Members into decentralized investment markets with systems to succeed, regardless of market conditions. 

Emerging Markets Dominate the Global DeFi Adoption Index
Do You Want To Ignore the Highest Growth Market of the 2020s?
Ask yourself, is DeFi an opportunity for you?
  1. You don’t do stock technical analysis and want products that are more set-and-forget. DeFi is flooded with passive-income products, often paying 15%+.
  2. You are not liking the outlook of the S&P500, and think real estate is potentially in a bubble. All markets are connected, but DeFi’s 3-year existence and rapid adoption makes it the significant outlier.
  3. You are concerned about inflation, and your portfolio is delivering enough returns. With inflation at 8%, you need higher returns.
  4. You’ve bought crypto assets on an exchange like Coinbase. Did you know you could have bought that asset much earlier and much cheaper in DeFi? 
  5. You know big companies like Coinbase, BlockFi and Binance are not DeFi. But you’re not sure where DeFi begins, why it’s touted as the “new financial paradigm”, or why so many young bankers, lawyers, and developers are moving their careers to the new industry.
  6. You know crypto is a solution for the high-growth economies in Africa and Asia. And you want to
    financially gain from the growth happening in those regions.
  7. You’re not a coder. DeFi is being created by thousands of teams of computer engineers who want everyone to access these new capital markets. No coding required for users.
  8. You have 4 hours a week for the next month, and 1 hour a month after that. Yieldschool Members start at the basics, and then spend a few hours each week ensuring they know exactly what they are doing. After completion, Yieldschool Members check their DeFi portfolios at their leisure.

If the above is you to any degree, then please keep reading.

The Yieldschool


Emerging economies and institutions are turning to this alternative, technological capital market.

Here’s how you can to.

In the 4 weeks of the Yieldschool Program you will:

  • Attend LIVE SESSIONS and start your DeFi journey with peers and immediate support (don’t worry if you can’t make a live session, we also email the live session recordings out afterwards);

  • Watch as I deploy cash into passive income opportunities paying 15%+;

  • Gain access to on-demand materials and modules that ground your learning in actual examples;

  • Understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of these economic markets;

  • Understand the legal status of these decentralized markets;

  • Watch me use the tools that highlight the assets in DeFi that are most likely to 10x, and then add those assets to my portfolio;

  • Gain access to the Yieldschool group chat, where people that are full-time DeFi contribute cutting edge information;

  • Set-up your DeFi home base on your computer with safety as the #1 necessity;

  • Move your profits from DeFi to your personal bank account;

  • Establish a sophisticated portfolio management set-up; and

  • Everything else that we decide to learn together on the fly!

The Yieldschool Program takes someone with zero experience through the most comprehensive onboarding into DeFi.

Frank Hepworth, J.D.

Content Lead

Content Lead

Meet Frank Hepworth, J.D.

Hey, I’m Frank.

Thanks for being curious about decentralized markets.

I’ve led the design of the Yieldschool Program and I’m also the lead instructor for the live sessions we do together.

We’ve designed the Program for retail investor independence.

That’s independence for our friends, work colleagues, and (probably) you.

Before focusing on DeFi full-time, I was a lawyer at Canada’s top financial regulatory law firm.

In 2020, I thought I was the only professional operating in DeFi.

But as the crypto deals became more popular, I began to see the private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) funds also entering DeFi.

Seeing institutions enter DeFi, combined with the fact I was making good (20%+) passive income, hundreds of thousands of dollars in gains from airdrops, crypto launches, and all the other DeFi benefits, I asked myself:  

Why don’t more people do this? Why don’t more people get into DeFi?

And so I asked my friends this, young guys who are savvy investors in traditional markets.

Their response was always, “ah, I know, I heard about it. I’ll take a look into it this weekend.”

But life happens and things would come up, and learning would be pushed another week – or month.

I realized this is the story for just about everyone.

Everyone is busy, and it’s tough to just research YouTube and technical documents aimlessly in your spare time.

So, you’re content with the phone investing app, even if the returns aren’t great – or terrible.

But for me, I realized, that’s not really acceptable.

So, knowing convenience was critical, I went about designing a system that can get anyone into DeFi.

The result, the Yieldschool Program, gets you fully into this new “programmable capital market”.

You can complete this program placing only $100 into DeFi.

You can add more zeroes yourself once you know what you are doing.

No suspicious “invest $X thousands with us, we’ll give you money back later” schemes here.

That’s not DeFi.

This program teaches you DeFi investing for independence and success.

Look ahead to where finance is going.

The better tech wins.

These markets are the frontier for decades ahead, and you should learn about them.

The Yieldschool Program has been designed with input from lawyers, engineers and traders working in decentralized finance.

The Yieldschool Curriculum

Over 4 weeks you will learn the skills that every DeFi investor needs to stay safe and profitable.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

Segment 1

DeFi Intro + Support: DeFi in Full Context

Previous Programs Have SOLD OUT!

Make high $ returns in decentralized markets by knowing exactly what you’re getting into.

The Yieldschool Team will use its culminative experience to give you the full scope of the economics and regulations at play.

  • Why does DeFi exist?

  • What is it in comparison to traditional finance?

  • Why do governments have such extreme difficulty regulating it – and why do they even want to?

  • Why are new businesses going to DeFi to raise capital and create investment products?

  • Why should you go to DeFi instead of the products in traditional finance?

  • What indicators give us confidence that DeFi is here to stay?

  • Why is this something that needs a course?

  • Why can’t some company just create an app on my phone to solve this for me?

By the end of this segment, you’ll see why this is all worth the time.

Segment 2

DeFi Transactions Start to Finish

What is the best way to learn?

We’re going to learn by doing. With just $100, we’re going to go from the bank account, to centralized exchange, to DeFi, and then all the way back to the bank account.

  • What is the difference between CeFi and DeFi – and why do you need CeFi?

  • What is the Yieldschool framework for understanding how to conduct any DeFi transaction quickly and cheaply?

  • How can you move your profits back to your bank account as you please?

  • What are the steps to make sure you never make an error transacting in DeFi?

By the end of this segment, you’ll know what DeFi looks and feels like and will be ready to explore the markets yourself.

Segment 3

Set-up for Safety: Browser, Wallet, + Stablecoins

The DeFi investor has to click a few more buttons than the phone app investor. More clicks, more returns.

We’re starting off with the key tools of the trade. Learn how to set-up the industry-standard toolset that the pros use to move billions.

  • Chrome and Safari are not the best internet browsers for DeFi transactions. What is?

  • Why is a web3 wallet so critical in DeFi, and which is the best one to use?

  • What is the system to ensure you’ll never lose access to your web3 wallet?

  • Why do stablecoins exist, and how do they help us earn that 20% yield in DeFi?

  • When have we left traditional finance and entered DeFi fully?

By the end of this session, you’ll be in DeFi. Nice!

Segment 4

Stablecoins: In, Out, and Back to Bank Account

There can be no room for doubt when it comes to getting your profits back to your bank account.

You deposit stablecoins, and you get different assets back? We’re going to analyze these transactions by engaging a protocol paying yield.

  • “This is a lot different than my phone app…” and that’s why it’s so good! We’ll work through it together.

  • Where does that yield come from? A dive into this protocol’s revenue-generating mechanics.

  • Can it really be this easy? Yes, it can, this is the magic of DeFi once you begin to understand.

By the end of this segment, you’ll understand each step of preparing a DeFi transaction, executing, withdrawing, and moving it all to your dollar or euro bank account.

Segment 5

DeFi Yield: Types, Mechanics, and Risk Vectors

You need to know where the yield is coming from – period.

It is not ok to just show you the ‘how-to’ and leave you to make mistakes afterwards. We’re doing a practical ‘why’ analysis that you will apply everywhere in DeFi.

  • There’s DeFi markets paying everywhere from 1.5% to 45% yield – why is that?

  • We’ll go through practical examples for each type of product.

  • What is the Yieldschool process to understand any yield opportunity in 5 steps?

  • Why will the future yield opportunities that don’t even exist yet all have things in common with our learning right now?

By the end of this segment, you’ll be ready to quickly profile any yield-paying opportunity you come across in DeFi – and there will be hundreds of them.

Segment 6

High-Yield Protocols: Deposit, Withdraw, Bank Account

Time to engage the opportunities you’ll be looking to for years ahead.

These products are paying 20%+ in this current bear market. When bull markets return, these are the types of products that set DeFi apart.

  • What is it about these products that make them pay such high yields?

  • What is going to be the same and what is going to be different for each product?

  • What resources do you check to understand each opportunity systematically?

  • When your cash is in one of these products, how often should you check it? Once a week? Month? Year?

  • We will go through examples to show you exactly how to engage these products that are paying 20%+ on cash.

By the end of this segment, you’ll be comfortable deploying your cash into opportunities that pay better than your best year in the market.

Segment 7

Source the Best Opportunities, Token Airdrops and 10X Tokens

Your skills are in place – it’s time to really explore DeFi.

This segment packs a punch.

  • What are the tools and websites that display the sources of yield throughout the DeFi infrastructure?

  • What parameters do you apply to know which yield products are right for you?

  • What are airdrops, and why do DeFi investors specifically make tens of thousands from them?

  • How can you get an overview of the new crypto assets entering DeFi – months before any exchange lists them?

  • What metrics do you apply to show the ones that have the best 10x potential?

  • We will find these assets, and you will watch me add them to my portfolio live.

By the end of this segment, you’ll be introduced to the world beyond yield and see why many DeFi investors never look back to traditional finance.

Segment 8

Management of the DeFi Portfolio

Yield here, assets there, crypto everywhere. Data, legal, and tax.

You need a homebase that shows you your DeFi positions and the taxes owed on your profits. Check, review, and go back to your day.

  • What interface is free, plugs into your portfolio seamlessly, and shows you everything at once?

  • Which software do DeFi investors use to automate tax?

Borrowing management processes from traditional finance (albeit with a DeFi upgrade), we’ve come full circle.

Segment 9

DeFi Beyond Yield: Continuing Support

DeFi 10 years from now. What does that look like?

We’ve developed skills to use for the next 10+ years of investing. What will using these skills in 10 years look like?

  • What products other than yield-on-cash and equity-like tokens exist in DeFi? What does your journey to mastering that look like?

  • DeFi in 10 years: using my experience from law + policy, DeFi consulting, and working professionally throughout 3 continents, I will go in-depth on where I see DeFi heading (and why I left my traditional finance job for it).

  • 10 years on, what will you be doing in DeFi? How far ahead will you be because you started now, ahead of the 99%?

This will be less theory than you think. We will look to the cutting-edge aspects of DeFi to give us guidance.

The Yieldschool Program deliverables are below.

Our Industry

The Solution

DeFi Products BEAT Inflation + Secure Against Systemic Risks

A 2022 study by the Pew Research Center put “Inflation as the biggest concern in America”, ahead of Affordability of Healthcare and Violent Crime.

And critically, the impact of war on commodity prices, currency valuations, and the Eurozone banking system has raised financial infrastructure concerns.

The Yieldschool Program shows the 15%-25% inflation-beating yield products and explains how DeFi is a back-up financial infrastructure for your wealth.

By the end of the Yieldschool Program, you will have:

A DeFi Homebase You Control

The simple tools that institutions and pros use to move billions safely.

An Understanding of DeFi Products

Learn why any DeFi product is paying that 15%+ yield systematically and quickly.

The Full Scope on DeFi

Yieldschool Members learn the economics, legal, and regulatory environment of DeFi.

Knowledge on the Best of DeFi

Where to quickly aggregate the best yield products, the best environments for 10x tokens that can change a life.

Profits to the Bank Account

We make sure that DeFi changes your life. Get the results of your learning back to your real world purchases.

How Much Experience Should You Have?


You’ve never entered decentralized markets before.


You’ve bought NFTs, a couple of crypto assets outside of an exchange, but you don’t get how the passive income products work or know how to source the 10x assets quickly.


You beat the front-end users by engaging smart contracts directly, the exchange-users are your 10x exit liquidity, and you identify as a “degen” proudly.

Is the Yieldschool Program Right For You?

Here’s who we’ve designed the Yieldschool Program for.

This is RIGHT for you if:

  • You know there’s way more to crypto than what your exchange offers you, but you don’t have hundreds of hours to spend figuring it all out.

  • You know crypto is full of a lot of noisy people, and just want a solution you can trust and someone to hold accountable.

  • You want to explore a new investment product market, but don’t want to go through the pain of mistakes in the learning process.

This is NOT right for you if:

  • You think crypto is a big scam and don’t want to touch it. You don’t have to use volatile assets like bitcoin, but sorry, you will have to get a bit into it.

  • You want to give your money to someone else to invest for you. That’s how you get scammed. Yieldschool teaches that the best returns and security is made through excluding the middleman.

  • You want investment for your project from the Yieldschool Members. You can promote what you please and to whomever, but not within this Program.


Yieldschool has SOLD OUT BEFORE!

  •   Q&As with Frank (live session recordings are emailed out afterwards)
  •   Proprietary material that gives you a reference for every transaction you execute in DeFi
  •   In-person discovery sessions where Frank goes through the market aggregators showing the best yield and asset DeFi markets
  •   Community chat where full-time DeFi investors contribute unique insight
  •   LIFETIME Access to each session’s recording and the proprietary materials
  •   [BONUS] Discounts on products that help with the taxation and accounting of your profits

Max Limit: 30 Students

Please note

Yieldschool reserves the right to end sales once the 30 student quota has been met.

Reviews from genuine Yieldschool Members

  • “This was excellent and everything I was hoping for.”
  • “I am 70% up [with a DeFi investment] – pretty awesome! Thanks for sharing it last week!”
  • “I want to give a huge thanks to Frank and his team for the great program they all put together – it seriously exceeded my expectations and I learned a huge amount in the process which will likely be life-changing.”
  • “I feel like I’ve built a long-term relationship which will last via the Discord vs. just taking a course. As I develop my skills it is awesome to be able to “check my work” with the community.”
  • “I can see [Yieldschool’s Discord] replacing a lot of my social media activity over time. It’s great to have access to a community as there are not many individuals you meet everyday who are interested in this stuff.”